Origins of Amaeva Co.

Amaeva Co.

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"I can remember sitting with my grandmothers when I was a young girl; snuggled up, listening to their stories. Drinking apple juice from tea cups, playing with their rosary beads.

In 2016 I lost both of my beautiful grandmothers just a couple of months apart. Amaeva is a creative blend of their names: Mae + Eva.⁣"

Meet the Artist.

Emma is a mid twenty-year-old psychology grad from Baddeck, NS, and a Cape Breton University Alumni. Emma is a lover of true crime and art forms of all kinds. Emma started Amaeva Co. in the fall of 2019 after she found herself lacking passion in her daily life. Looking for something to occupy her time outside of her normal 9-5, she once again turned to embroidery.

As a child, Emma learned the basics of needle-c rafts from her grandmother. Strong-willed and never one to beat around the bush, she has always been one to speak her mind, and brings a little bit of that attitude into every piece she makes.

Constantly trying to push the boundary of what typically comes to mind when people hear “embroidery”, she draws inspiration from pop culture and the world around her. Emma is also a mental health advocate, and is consistently working to draw attention to the burn-out culture that currently exists in the art society.

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