Meet Emma.

Emma is a artist and content creator living in Sydney, NS. She is a lover of true crime, a good cup of coffee, and art forms of all kinds. Her interest in marketing stems from her Honours Degree in Psychology from Cape Breton University.

Emma is currently working as the Business Development and Marketing Manager for The Middle Ground Market, in downtown Sydney. In this position she helps small businesses and makers gain recognition and grow their brands.

As an artist, she is also the owner of Amaeva Co., a hand embroidery and home decor business. Constantly trying to push the boundary of what typically comes to mind when people hear “embroidery”, she draws inspiration from pop culture and the world around her.

After starting her business, Emma quickly gained a reputation in the community for providing an honest and authentic voice for her followers. Because of this, content creation came naturally to her, as she enjoys being able to share products and experiences with her audience.

Emma is also a mental health advocate, and is consistently working to draw attention to the burn-out culture that currently exists in the art society, and social media in general.

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