Frequently Asked Questions

My hoop has some small pencil-looking marks on it. What are they?

I use a heat-erasable pen to trace my designs. The fabric may have gotten cold and caused the tracings to reappear. No worries though - to remove them you can just blow a hair dryer on it for a couple of seconds.


How do I get my hands on a custom order?

Custom orders will open periodically, and an email will be sent out to my Newsletter subscribers first. After the email goes out, if you think you have an idea for a hoop that will fit will with my style or work we will set you up with a spot! 


Why do custom orders sometimes cost more than pre-made hoops?

Custom orders typically take more time! All custom orders include a design fee, that is not included in pre-made hoops. I take my time making sure that your custom hoop is perfect - sometimes that means extra/different materials, and typically it means more of my time!


What is your return/exchange policy?

I do not accept returns/exchanges on hoops, PDFs, or kits. However, if any purchase is not to your satisfaction I encourage you to reach out so I can help make it right!